The Toast of 9s

To do a Toast of 9s, one must:

1.)  Rest their beverage in the palm of one hand

2.)  Toast

3.) Take a drink of your beverage using only your toasting hand!

Please feel free to send in your own!


(VBGB – Charlotte, NC)


(Standard – Washington, DC)

(Max Blob’s Park – Jessup, MD)


(Frankford Hall – Philadelphia, PA)


(Wolff’s Biergarten – Albany, NY)


(Village Tap – Chicago, IL)


(Old Millstream Inn – St. Charles, MO)


(Kansas City, MO)


(Overland Park, KS)


(Boundary Bay Brewery – Bellingham, WA)


(Prost! – Portland, OR)


(Biergarten – San Francisco, CA)


(Mountain View, CA)


(Stone Brewing Co. – San Diego, CA)


Uwe, Elke, myself and Todd  (Red Lion Tavern – Los Angeles, CA)


(Hofbrauhaus – Las Vegas, NV)


(Hog Wallow Pub – Salt Lake City, UT)


(Golden City Brewery – Golden, CO)


(Mountain Sun – Boulder, CO)


(Boulder Beer Company – Boulder, CO)


(Lowry Beer Garden – Denver, CO)


I didn’t write down the toast, but check out Adam’s pinky thumb grip (light blue shirt), awesome! (Scholz Garten – Austin, TX)


“To Austin, Texas tattoos, while we say ‘easy tiger'” (East Tiger – Austin, TX)


“I’ll toast as long as it involved Optimus Prime” (The Quarry Hofbrau – San Antonio, TX)


“To good friends, good beer, and good health. Cheers!” (Hans’ Bier Haus – Houston, TX)


“To Bayou Beer Garden, let’s drinking this f&%$ing beer!” (Bayou Beer Garden – New Orleans, LA)


No fair!  She has a straw!  “To the Pharmacy, where strangers can happily drink together.” (The Pharmacy – Nashville, TN)

(SweetWater – Atlanta, GA)

(Wedge – Asheville, NC)

5 Responses to “The Toast of 9s”
  1. So, if I do this, then I’m an honorary Nine-er, eh?

    Years ago I learned a toast from a Dutch friend. Turns out it’s exactly nine words long:

    “Zum mitte, zum titte, zum sack – chak, chak, chak!”

    With each phrase, one points (presumably with one’s empty hand) to the indicated part of the anatomy – the stomach, the chest, and finally the Ol’ Nutsack. Cheers!

  2. mom9er says:

    Birthday Toast of the 9S: To a birthday filled with wanderlust and dreams pursued.

    May the good lord be with you
    Down every road you roam
    And may sunshine and happiness
    Surround you when you’re far from home
    But whatever road you choose
    I’m right behind you, win or lose
    Forever young, forever young
    Forever young, forever young.
    -Bob Dylan

  3. Sue Gilmurray says:

    If you make it to Mountain View CA, find the Alpine Beer Garden, known as Zot’s, in Portola Valley. I’m a friend of your Granny from Mountain View CA; have one for me but don’t eat the food.

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