The Return to SweetWater and Der Biergarten


In the past 2 days, I made pilgrimages back to SweetWater and Der Biergarten so that I could take some photos, but wouldn’t you know it, I learned a few things while I was at it.


Firstly (is that a word?), SweetWater is significantly less crowded on Wednesdays!  No long line to enter, and only tiny quick lines to get beer.


Secondly (pretty sure it’s a word), the indoor/outdoor nature of Der Biergarten came in might handy when the ominous clouds over the Atlanta skyline came pouring in.  As much as I love the purity of being completely outdoors whilst I sip my brew, I was 100% ready to skip a few yards to the right and finish said-brew under cover.

Tomorrow marks my first attempt to leave the comfort of Georgia in the pursuit of a beer garden education.  Asheville, NC, show me what you got!

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