Dumb Thing I Did on the Road :: #3

There is a fun little speed trap in Fort Garland, CO!  I got to play!

It goes from 65mph to 35mph in the blink of an eye.

There was a cop just sitting there waiting for me.

50 in a 35….

I checked out the google map and there is even a cop waiting in the street view image EXACTLY where I got pulled over!

I got handed my violation in THAT gas station!


2 Responses to “Dumb Thing I Did on the Road :: #3”
  1. Jonathan Grattan says:

    Having read the 3 dumb things you have done so far on your trip, I have noticed an interesting trend. It seems as though each occurrence has featured a little less “dumbness” on your part yet the price to pay has become increasingly costlier.

    • chrisneiner says:

      each occurrence is merely a different brand of dumbness, but yes, the price has gone up considerably since my free AAA call. can’t wait to f up next!

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