Old Millstream Inn :: St. Charles

From their website:

We try to treat everyone the same way we’d want to be treated while following the owner’s three simple rules: Don’t LieDon’t CheatDon’t Steal. He’s kinda like mom – always making you do the right thing!

One Man’s Experience

Driving in on I-70, I can see that I am merely minutes away from my beer garden stop in St. Charles. It’s a nice day but the clouds feel a little foreboding. As I pull off of the exit, the scenery changes from modern highway  to old town really quick.

As usual, I drive right past my impossible to miss destination with Eliza Moneypenny politely pointing out that it is/was approaching on my right. I am completely distracted by the charm of this street. All of the buildings are small and historic looking. The brick paved road and happy families wandering around give a warm and inviting quality. I circle around the block again and find a place to park on the street.


Walking up to the entrance, I can look down at the garden. It is teetering on the edge of the stream of its’ namesake and a few large shade trees give it complete cover. It’s around 4:00 on a weekday, so the rush hasn’t begun yet.


I walk through the main building and and the hostess lets me sit myself outside. I order a beer, but since I am not getting food, the waitress tells me that it is fine if I just help myself to the indoor bar that is located on the lowest floor. I love going into basements to get to a low ceiling-ed bar! I really do! I love the coziness and chummy-ness.

They don’t have any beers on tap at the Old Millstream Inn, but they do boast a bottled and canned beer list that exceeds 100! I get something local from the tender’s recommendation and I take it back to the garden where I sit outside alone. It is a hot day for sure, even in the shade.


The decor of the outdoor space draws from a backyard garden. There are hanging plants, bird-feeders and a shabby wooden fence. It feels earthy but not dirty. There are squirrels and birds and bees. I sip my brew in the shade and I love the quiet.


There are 2 fireplaces set up in the middle of the main patio. The website says that children sometimes bide their time roasting marshmallows in them while the adults sit back and have a drink. There is no need for a fire in this heat, but the image of happily distracted children in the cooling months is nice. I want to roast marshmallows too!


All of the pieces of the landscaping looks as if they were placed by hand. In a good way! The bricks are uneven and the stones don’t quite fit right, but I love the natural feel of it. It is done with care, but not with meticulousness.

When the heat gets to be enough, and my beer gets to be empty, I decide to go back to the basement bar and watch the Cardinals game. Although the outside was sparse with people, the inside is comfortably full. Everyone seems to know each other and individuals pop in and out for a drink. People are totally comfortable striking up a conversation with me, and I am given great advice to go see the City Museum in St. Louis, which I had never heard of.

Ultimately, the Old Millstream Inn is more of a restaurant with a fantastic beer garden, more than a dedicated beer garden with food. And that’s fine, they do it quite well. What I will remember is the great views of the mill, the fresh atmosphere in the garden, and the friendly people that are attracted to it.

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