Dumb Thing I Did on the Road :: #1

I have a feeling this could be a long running feature.

This time…

As I was unpacking my trunk, I casually tossed my keys in as I grabbed for things.  Then, as I took something out, I automatically closed the trunk with the keys inside.

I immediately panic, then call AAA.  1 day in, and already a AAA call.  I give the rep my number, address, and am prepared to wait.

The rep then asks me, “Is the trunk latch in the car broken?”  I say, “Oh.  Um…. no.  I feel like an idiot.”

I then popped the trunk, the way I have done it a million times before… with the latch on the driver-side door.

Many more to come!

One Response to “Dumb Thing I Did on the Road :: #1”
  1. Everyone is entitled to at least one serious brain fart whilst on the road. You just burned yours early, is all.

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