Shameful Night in the RV Park

I was camping out at an RV campgrounds.  It is strange to be there with just my 2 door car and 1 man tent among the RVs, but RV parks have their advantages.  They are cheap, have showers and usually, Wifi.

This night, a couple of high school aged kids (between 17 and 20 years old) invited me over to their camp when they saw that I was all alone. They were quite friendly and cooked me up a burger and we played cards. I began to think that I should get them some kind of thank you gift or something for their kindness to a stranger. UNTIL…

They started dropping the N-bomb like it was 1865! N this and N that! “I’d never kiss no n%&$#!” one girl exclaimed.  Holy shit!  Quickly I deemed my evening with these folks over.  I am really ashamed that I didn’t actually stop them or try and talk sense into them.  A few of them had gotten pretty drunk already. Honestly, I was a little scared that if I spoke up they might act irrationally, and I don’t have the physique to defend myself against the boys who were wrestlers and football players.

Instead, I meekly excused myself, and made my way back to my little tent amidst the gargantuan Winnebegos. I felt like I had betrayed every black person I had ever met.  I am 28 after all.  They were just kids.  Don’t I have authority?  But, I chose to avoid  confrontation rather than say anything….

2 Responses to “Shameful Night in the RV Park”
  1. sandra says:

    It’s pretty sad that people still think this way and talk in that fashion.

  2. Granny says:

    Shame on the parents who taught this hamburger-sharing bigots to be so hateful! Good for you for beating a retreat without a confrontation. Discretion is the better part of valor. (I just made that up!!!) Love your blogs and love you. Granny

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