Dumb Thing I Did on the Road :: #2

As Jessie and I finished checking out the gloriously touristy “Alamo” for about half an hour in the heart of San Antonio, I went to fish out the parking stub I deliberately placed in my wallet for safe keeping.  Ok.  Not in my wallet… maybe in my pocket?  Hmm…. other pocket?  eh.  Back pockets?! No. No.

Damn it.  I misplaced the stub.  Oh well, it is flat rate so, probably no big deal.  Just pay the rate at the station.

Damn it.  No humans here, only a box for payment and stubs.

Wait!  There is button that says LOST TICKET.  Ok, this must happen all the time, so no big deal!

Holy shit! $20!  That is 100% penalty on an already overpriced parking spot!

I get a great idea!  I’ll just go back to the entrance gate and get another ticket and use that to exit for the original $10 price tag!  Brilliant idea, me!

I back up the car and feel the car hit some resistance…  I stop then pull forward and there is a huge scratching noise and pop!

I hit one a side plastic barrier post and it got stuck under my bumper then popped the side of my bumper off!  What in the hell!?

I pull the car over and see the damage.  Eh, not terrible, but I can’t put the bumper back in all the way on the side.

I ask Jessie to go try my genius new-ticket scheme as I duct tape up my bumper.  She returns stub-less.  The gate works on a sensor and wont work if there is no car there.

So.  I lost my parking stub, ripped off the side of my bumper, and STILL paid $20 to get out after half an hour at “The Alamo.”

Yee haw.

One Response to “Dumb Thing I Did on the Road :: #2”
  1. Granny says:

    Where have I ever heard something like “Remember the Alamo” before????? This must be RtA #2! If it ain’t one thing, it’s a dozen!!! love, g

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