6/20/2012 – Joshua Tree National Park campsite of the bees

For the second night in a row, I have slept in my car due to critters.  This time: Joshua Tree National Park and honeybees.

I rarely desire to see a posted notice that characterizes my animal roommates for the evening as “africanized” and “aggressive.” The uncute and uncuddly honeybees were everywhere.  Not tons, but constant.  There was at least 1 always buzzing and bumping into me if I stood still for more than a second or two.


Beautiful campsite though.  I was behind a huge rock wall and a bunch of bushes and trees, all cozy.

I decided to escape the bees by climbing up the big hill behind my site.  The whole way to the top, I was followed by 1 persistent bee that wouldn’t let me rest.

When I hiked back to camp, the bees were still busy doing whatever bees do, which seemed to include: making sure I went insane.


I jumped in my car, my only refuge.  It was really hot.  Every time I tried to crack my window, or crack the sunroof, there were 2 bees that went right for it.  I decided to wait until the sun went down, figuring that they would go away.  I waited for an hour and a half.  During that time, I noticed the ground moving outside my car door.  What now!? Millions of ants! My car was sitting directly on the path between the entrance to their nest and the cottonball-y looking bush that they were frantically harvesting for their underground t-shirt factory.  Maybe they’ll both go away at dusk.

It seemed to be working.  Slowly, the buzzing stopped and the ground got still.  I went out into the darkening night and met a jackrabbit who shared my site without mind while I made a fire and some dinner.  I have never seen as many stars as that night.  I could see the edge of the Milky Way clearly.

I realized that the instant that the sun broke over the horizon, the bees and ants would be back in full force and I would have to deal with breaking down my tent and camp in that mess.  I splayed out on the picnic table and stared at the stars until I began to doze off, then I willed myself to the car for the night.

I woke up to the sound of buzzing around my windows and though it is cramped and hot, I knew I made the right decision.

Oh, and there are strange Joshua Trees everywhere.

I’m pretty sure that Dr. Seuss designed the Joshua Tree.

2 Responses to “6/20/2012 – Joshua Tree National Park campsite of the bees”
  1. mom9er says:

    Coyotes, ants, and bees! Oh my!

  2. thump says:

    …is beer one what bees?

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