6/19/2012 – Catalina State Park campsite of the coyotes

This campsite seemed like any other, BUT, there were so many animals!


There are these holes covering the entire ground.  At first I thought the worse, maybe tarantulas… but, to my happy surprise, instead they were adorable little prairie dog-looking-things.  Maybe Gunnison’s Prairie Dogs?  I don’t know, but they are little and playful.

There are tons of different birds, huge and tiny.  I saw an owl fly by, heard a woodpecker and had a group of baby chicks living in a hole in the tree I set my hammock on (but they never popped up when I had my camera out).  There were little fearless lizards everywhere. I didn’t spot a tarantula though.

Then, the mack-daddy of them all.  Coyotes.  I was sitting in my folding chair in the dark of night, sipping a beer, looking at the billions of stars, when I see a black dog-like figure walk through my camp!  Only about 10 yards away!  It was so dark that I thought that it could be anything really, a deer, a stray dog, or a mountain lion (I have no idea what is native to this area).  I groped for my flashlight then realized it was still in my car.  I went and got it, then came back and sat in the same place and waited for it to come around again.

It did!  Or, at least, another one did!  I flicked on my flashlight and it darted away almost too fast to see.  But it certainly was canine-like.  I decided to sleep in the car.

That night, I was awoken twice to the unmistakable shrieking howls of the coyotes, and there had to be dozens of them.  It was amazing.  Alas, no picture. But I did manage to get an audio recording of their howling, but I dont how to do that on this blog.

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