7/5-7/6 – Portland and Bellingham

Driving through Portland to go visit 2 beer gardens, I could see why everyone loves it there.  The water, the bridges, the hills!  Everywhere feels like a homey neighborhood or a non-scary back alley.  Totally relaxed and pleasant.

After Portland, I finally got the chance to go in the deep corner of Northwest USA: Bellingham, Washington.  There I met up with my cousin Dude.  Dude gave me an awesome tour of this overlooked city.

It has everything!  Mountains, rivers, lakes, ocean and forests.  Most important though, they have a Neiner Neiner Weiner restaurant!


We also hit up Boundary Bay Brewery.  It was late, but we snuck into the closed beer garden area, and it looked really cool!

I only briefly swept through Portland and Bellingham, but I left thoroughly impressed and thankful to the Dude.

One Response to “7/5-7/6 – Portland and Bellingham”
  1. Anonymous says:

    two of my favorite people in two beer gardens. how fabulous. ilthem both. granny

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