7/12-7/14 – Kansas, Missouri and the Windshield Worry

On my way to the St. Louis area, Kat, her brother and dog were kind enough to give me respite for the night in Overland Park, Kansas.

We ate chinese food, drank margaritas and played 64!  Good times!

But 2 days earlier, a stray piece of gravel shot up into my windshield from a semi-truck and cracked it on the driver side.  It kept growing, so I had to get it fixed.  Luckily, there was Larry.


Thanks Larry!  All the other service places couldn’t fit me in until the next day, but Larry came within an hour of me calling AND he quoted me the lowest price.

Good times on the Kansas side!

Then I went to Kansas City and bummed a couch from CMo.


I ate hot wings that were way too hot and drank beer that was way too delicious.  CMo is on the wall of fame thing for trying 200 different beers.

The quote says: “Dammit Rachel, didn’t I tell you that I don’t even like beer!?”

We went to the free Buckcherry concert.

Finished the night by drinking on his roof with a view of the downtown.

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