7/9-7/10 – Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is the Disney World of nature.  Everywhere you turn there is some incredible natural feature or gigantic wild animal.  I will have to come back again soon and stay for at least a week, 2 days isn’t nearly enough. I luckily got one of the last campsites available in the park that day at … Continue reading

7/6-7/9 – Wimbledon and Bozeman

I HAD to watch the historic Wimbledon Final, so I checked into to a hotel with ESPN and set my alarm for 7am.  My checkout time was 11am, and the match ended up going until 11:15, so I asked for an extension which they reluctantly gave me half an hour… Thanks!  Great match, totally worth … Continue reading

7/5-7/6 – Portland and Bellingham

Driving through Portland to go visit 2 beer gardens, I could see why everyone loves it there.  The water, the bridges, the hills!  Everywhere feels like a homey neighborhood or a non-scary back alley.  Totally relaxed and pleasant. After Portland, I finally got the chance to go in the deep corner of Northwest USA: Bellingham, … Continue reading

Stone Brewing Co. :: San Diego

If you can’t find a good spot to hunker down in this garden, we’ll stone ya!

7/4/2012 – Redwood campsite

Driving through northern California on the 101 is mesmerizing.  So many giants all around and the fog gives them an ominous backdrop. I got a campsite in Humboldt State Park.  My initial goal was Redwood National Park but it was still 2 hours away and the sun was going down, so I decided to take … Continue reading