Dumb Thing I Did on the Road :: #2

As Jessie and I finished checking out the gloriously touristy “Alamo” for about half an hour in the heart of San Antonio, I went to fish out the parking stub I deliberately placed in my wallet for safe keeping.  Ok.  Not in my wallet… maybe in my pocket?  Hmm…. other pocket?  eh.  Back pockets?! No. … Continue reading

San Antonio :: The Quarry Hofbrau & Beer Garden

Your friendly neighborhood Dos-A-Rita dispensary.

Houston :: Hans’ Bier Haus

Remember that time you were tossing the bocce ball underneath a 50 ft. sailboat sail between a the Palm Tree and a Weeping Willow? No? I know one beer garden you have clearly not been to…

New Orleans :: Bayou Beer Garden

Comprised of 3 parts New Orleans, 1 part Ireland, a shot of German and just a spritz of Tiki. Let’s geaux and check in with your friendly neighborhood beer garden!

Shameful Night in the RV Park

I was camping out at an RV campgrounds.  It is strange to be there with just my 2 door car and 1 man tent among the RVs, but RV parks have their advantages.  They are cheap, have showers and usually, Wifi. This night, a couple of high school aged kids (between 17 and 20 years … Continue reading