6/22/2012 – Balboa Park (San Diego)

While my friends were busy working, I struck out into San Diego a bit.  Top of the list of things to do was Balboa Park, and it didn’t disappoint.

Before I crossed the long bridge over the highway, there are massive grassy areas shaded by many different kinds of trees.  My favorite were the ones that kind looked like magnolias.  They gave a great shadow on the leaf covered ground.

Once over the bridge, there are beautiful Spanish style buildings housing museums lining the road.

Inside there are open gardens. My favorite was the Desert Garden. Every plant was the craziest plant I had ever seen.  Every one of them! Especially these curly cacti.

The Rose Garden was enormously impressive as well.  I mean, the whole damn place was impressive!

In addition to having the greatest public collection of plants and trees I have ever seen in one place, they feature bocce, horseshoes, chess clubs, etc.  Loved it!

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